Sunday, December 5, 2010

Live the moment.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I realized that drinking a lot of water lead to frequent nature calls. I didn't have time to go to the toilet and I controlled it till the point that if I waited even a second more, I would have wetted my pants. So,  I finally gave up and headed to the loo, Urinating after controlling it till the limit, gave me some amazing expressions on the face. AHH! I thoroughly enjoyed the process. This would have been probably the first time that I would have been alert to my sensations and expressions while pissing. I really made the most of the sensations. This made me realize that most of the time, we are not alert to so many things that happen to us, which are around us.

If we remain alert to everything that's happening, we can experience so much happiness in all the things. But, that's possible only if we are alert enough to live each moment. As the day progressed, this thought of living the moment constantly kept coming to my mind. I started loving this feeling of alertness and enjoying everything that I was doing. So, as soon as I saw the "Old Kaka" at the tea stall looking confused and sad, I immediately cracked a conversation with him, that made him smile. All throughout from the sad face to the smile and the laughter - I was alert of the entire process and I could enjoy it more than him. Then, when I sipped my tea - I was alert of the exhilarating aroma, the perfect taste and temperature. As I walked pass a kid who was walking and playing with his dog - I too became playful and enjoyed watching them play.

I realized that so many times, we reach that "AAH" and "WOW" sensations, but we hardly let them sip inside totally. We are always in a hurry to move on. So, I decided to give it a try to remain alert to everything good that's happening and live every moment as it comes. I could enjoy my food, my conversations, my work, my music so much better. So, as I was driving back home, I enjoyed my drive. The traffic didn't disturb me at all. Infact, I loved the fact that it would take more time to reach home, so that I could listen to that favourite song one more time. I could be alert to the thrills I get when I am driving fast, to the roads and the trees, to the people waiting at the signals. Oh it was amazing. As if I've got a new life to live, where nothing can change my mood from good to bad.

What if we decide to live every moment forever? We can experience so much fun, satisfaction and happiness in everything. May it be tasting that yummy pasta or enjoying our favourite movie or just being in nature observing the sky, the leaves, the flowers, that smell of the wet mud, enjoying a good laughter, making somebody's day with a smile, helping someone in need who didn't expect a help from you, lingering on that brilliant idea which just flashed in your mind, being in the present moment with your loved one and observing every detail of her beautiful face, being alert to our words that they should not hurt anyone, the possibilities are endless to make our lives more beautiful. We just need to be alert to live the moment. Believe me - Life won't be the same from then on. Well, it all started with a Piss - only because I was alert of that amazing sensation of release!!